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Thank you for allowing us to make an appointment on short notice and also fitting me into your busy surgery schedule. - I

I would like to thank you for using the talents that God blessed you with to help me. I am so much better than I was last year at this time. – N

You are a very kind, caring, patient and thorough doctor. – B

Thank you so much for being willing to take care of my health. It was beautiful to see the care that you all give to your patients. – C

You are awesome! I feel like I am getting my life back after so long. – J & R

After the epidural you gave me, my numbness/itching/pain in my arm, hand and fingers went completely away after only 2 ½ weeks. – S

I would like to compliment your staff because they were kind, caring and very professional. – S

Your body is a finely tuned instrument. Like all finely tuned instruments, it must be properly cared for in order to play the beautiful music it was intended to play. Care for your body and use it correctly, and it will play music that is unique to you – your life song.

– Sean M. Wheeler, M.D.

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