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Aug 28 2015

Sports Medicine and Back Pain Authority Dr. Sean Wheeler's New Book UPRISE: A Reader Reacts

Within minutes of sports medicine and back pain expert Dr. Sean Wheeler's Fox4 television appearance of August 12, we were first contacted by a listener who asked how she might purchase a copy of Dr. Wheeler's new book, UPRISE: Achieving Back Pain Liberation by Tuning Your Body Guitar

As the book was as yet unavailable, scheduled to be published August 18, we sent the listener a copy of UPRISE with our compliments.

This week she called to thank us for the book, and shared the following in reaction to UPRISE:

"A quick read, understandable, and with no hogwash, Dr. Wheeler tells the truth about what causes back pain. He tells us how things really work in your back. After reading Dr. Wheeler's new book, I feel better understanding why I feel what I’m feeling."

Our thanks to Janet Holloway of Kansas City, Missouri, for sharing her reaction to UPRISE: Back Pain Liberation, by Tuning Your Body Guitar.

Your body is a finely tuned instrument. Like all finely tuned instruments, it must be properly cared for in order to play the beautiful music it was intended to play. Care for your body and use it correctly, and it will play music that is unique to you – your life song.

– Sean M. Wheeler, M.D.

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