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About the Book

Body-Guitar-book-F-V4bWhat if everything you think you know about chronic back pain were wrong?

UPRISE: Back Pain Liberation, by Tuning Your Body Guitar, the new book by sports medicine and pain expert Dr. Sean Wheeler, shines a spotlight on debilitating chronic back pain and asks the big question – why aren’t patients getting better?

The answer may shock you: your pain treatment is keeping you in pain.

UPRISE explores why low back pain sufferers are too often locked in a cycle of recurring pain, why the health care industry itself is often the counterintuitive culprit, and what must change to effectively liberate so many from what has been identified as leading cause of disability worldwide.

To break this cycle, UPRISE offers a new understanding of the human body as the finely tuned instrument it is – as not only your body, but as your Body Guitar.

UPRISE introduces Tune Me, the new medical “orchestration” for your Body Guitar, a disruptive innovation to achieve back pain liberation – to achieve your UPRISE, your emancipation from chronic low back pain so that your live may be more fully lived.

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Your body is a finely tuned instrument. Like all finely tuned instruments, it must be properly cared for in order to play the beautiful music it was intended to play. Care for your body and use it correctly, and it will play music that is unique to you – your life song.

– Sean M. Wheeler, M.D.

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